CS518 Car Seat

CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
  • CS518 Car Seat
Product name : CS518 Car Seat

N.W: 12KGS

G.W: 13KGS

Size: 51*45*61cm

Group: 0+1+2group

Suitable Age&Weight: birth to 6years,0-25kgs

Color: Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Orange, Light green, Baby pink

1. Forward&Rearward Facing Installation: Our product is suitable for rearward facing travel from birth to 13kgs then move to forward facing position. It’s a versatile seat that will see your child from birth to around 6 years and provides the best protection.

2. Adjustable Headrest: With 9 positions to adjust the height of both the headrest and shoulder strap, we can assure you the most reliable protection for your child during the whole growth.

3. Adjustable Recline Position: Our product has 4 seat recline position, and we recommend you the 180’ flat lie position for babies from 0 to 15 moths.

4. ISOFIX Connector: With the certificated ISOFIX connector, it’s easy and quick to install the product without any problem.

5. Shock-absorption Power: Inside the seat we use the EPS material which has ultra-strong shock absorption power to protect your child. Besides that, we have the honeycomb shock-absorption material, mainly used in the aviation manufacturing industry, to provide further protection.

6. A comprehensive protection from 5 layers:

  a) Eco-friendly fabric on the innermost;

  b) Soft thicken sponge cushion;

  c) EPS material with strong shock-absorption power;

  d) A firm seat frame;

  f) Enhansive plate on the outer surface.

7. Five-point Safety Harness: Adjustable shoulder and hip safety belt can product your child from any shock.

8.  Breathable Fabric: We adopt the soft breathable fabric which is anti-acarid, eco-frienfly, flame repellent, and uvioresistent, to give your child the best seat experience ever. 

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